Child sexual assault (CSA) counselling

CSA services

  •  Short to longer-term counselling is available for girls and boys aged under 18 years who have experienced sexual assault.
  • Psychoeducation & information
  • Groups & workshops
  • Advocacy & court preparation
  • Community liaison & training

Role of parents & carers

Non-offending carers and female relatives may also access our services. Parents and carers are the main teachers, healers and mentors who assist children in the healing process. Parents and carers are invited and encouraged to participate in their child’s therapy in discussion with the CSA Counsellor.


Please contact us to make a referral. The CSA Counsellor will contact you to make an appointment either at our Centre or at your school.

What is child sexual assault (CSA)?

Child sexual assault is also known as childhood sexual abuse.

It is a crime.

It is a misuse of power.

It is a betrayal of trust.

It is never a child’s fault….

How does talking help?

Talking to someone who listens and understands may help you feel saferless alone and more in control.

Our bodies remember experiences that may be too difficult to talk about. These ‘body memories’ become heavy and painful inside, weighing us down. This heaviness is often called depression – life feels very serious and difficult. In counselling, it’s not necessary to discuss what happened to you in the past. But if you feel safe to share some of your experiences, that’s okay too. Breaking the secrecy and the silence of betrayal may help you find self-acceptance and trust.

It is your choice.

Usually, the best thing to do is to talk about how you feel and what you think right now, and see what you feel like
sharing or not sharing. Talking about grief, sadness and anger in a safe environment may help you to heal any negative thoughts and feelings that affect your daily life and relationships.


If you are experiencing an emergency please call 000